Make New Shirts Look Old?


The best way to make new shirts look old is to run them through the washing machine several times. You can also stretch them out a little. You can also fray the edges of the sleeves and bottom of the shirt to make them look older.
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To make your t shirt cute, you can take a pair of scissors and cut a diagonal line approximately 4 inches into the top collar of your shirt. Then, cut another 4 inches diagonally
1. Wash and dry your shirts normally. Use cold water for washing bright colors, warm water for light colors and sheets and hot water for whites. 2. Remove the clothes from the dryer
1 Get a shirt with your school's colors. Many schools offer multiple colors for their logo shirt, but wear your school's colors if possible. Ad
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If you want to make your shirts look old you could try washing them over and over. Also, shirts that have holes in them look older so you could put holes in your ...
You can make a new shirt old by wrinkling it up a little or by ripping off a button or two. You can also make it look old by rubbing dirt in the collar or elbow. ...
When you want to make a new shirt look old tear off a buttom or two and rub some dirt on the sleeves and collar. Now wrinkle it up and you have it looking old. ...
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