How do you make soap without lye?


According to, Ivory soap can be used to make soap without lye. The method is similar to melt and pour method, except that it begins with mixing together all additives while boiling in water. The mixture is then poured onto small cut pieces of ivory soap and mixed well. Once dry, it can be used as soap. A soap without lye can also be made using melt and pour soap techniques. All it requires is a natural soap base like glycerin, which is easily available in the market. Other additives like fragrance oils, vitamins and colors are added at the discretion of the soap maker.

  1. Prepare the soap base

    Start by melting the soap base in a boiler. Stir the melted base to ensure that there are no solid pieces remaining.

  2. Add desired additives to the mixture

    Once the base is melted, add all of the desired additives to the mixture. The fragrance oil, when added, must be stirred into the base. Continue stirring until the oil is completely mixed with the base and there is no cloudy appearance to it. All other additives can be added straight to the mixture.

  3. Pour the mixture into a soap mold

    Pour the mixture into a soap mold, and spray it with rubbing alcohol to eliminate any extra bubbles. The soap hardens and is ready for use in a few hours.

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How to Make Soap Without Lye
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