Make Someone Ticklish?


No one can make a person ticklish if they are not naturally ticklish. It may or may not be easy to find out if a person is ticklish. Many people are ticklish on their feet, the backs of their knees, their ears, or even their sides. Some people have extra sensitive skin and a light touch will make them ticklish. Other people are tickled by objects such as feathers or fur. Not every person is the same or will have the same reaction.
Q&A Related to "Make Someone Ticklish?"
A person is ticklish because of a certain brain part. On the back of the brain, there is
A feather.
1. Get some peppermint lotion. If you don't have it, go buy some. 2. Apply it in a massage-like way on your feet. This makes it more effective. 3. Try drying your feet until it's
While there are some physical components in situational or permanent ticklishness, I'd say that it's more the right set of mind, often a high degree of imagination. The people I've
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