Make Someone Ticklish?


No one can make a person ticklish if they are not naturally ticklish. It may or may not be easy to find out if a person is ticklish. Many people are ticklish on their feet, the backs of their knees, their ears, or even their sides. Some people have extra sensitive skin and a light touch will make them ticklish. Other people are tickled by objects such as feathers or fur. Not every person is the same or will have the same reaction.
Q&A Related to "Make Someone Ticklish?"
A person is ticklish because of a certain brain part. On the back of the brain, there is
A feather.
1 Get some peppermint lotion. If you don't have it, go buy some. Ad 2 Apply it in a massage-like way on your feet. This makes it more effective. 3 Try drying your feet until it's
While there are some physical components in situational or permanent ticklishness, I'd say that it's more the right set of mind, often a high degree of imagination. The people I've
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