Make Someone Ticklish?


No one can make a person ticklish if they are not naturally ticklish. It may or may not be easy to find out if a person is ticklish. Many people are ticklish on their feet, the backs of their knees, their ears, or even their sides. Some people have extra sensitive skin and a light touch will make them ticklish. Other people are tickled by objects such as feathers or fur. Not every person is the same or will have the same reaction.
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You safest bet is somewhere on the tummy, but I am very very ticklish right around my
there balls.
Not everyone is ticklish ( I know I am not, much to the chagrin of certain people ) the nerve sends signals to the brain . which tells the body to laugh and squirm. why people are
Not Medical Advice:We can be ticklish when someone does it because of the element of surprise and when we tickle ourselves we have lost the surprise factor.
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How to tickle someones belly depends on how ticklish that person is. Some people are more ticklish with light pressure, such as gentle stroking with the fingertips ...
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