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To make sport centerpieces, Sprinkle confetti on the table or buffet then find balls of dissimilar sizes and fill team-colored balloons with helium. Attach one or two balloons to each sports ball or alternatively, if you only have one ball, tie a bunch of balloons together. For more information, visit
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1. Sprinkle confetti on the table or buffet. This works best if you place a plastic table cover first, and makes cleanup easier. Choose confetti in the team's colors, or, if it's
WHAT: Located at the heart of Miracle Mile Shops, a new multi-million dollar water feature transforms from a tranquil piece of art into an entertainment centerpiece. As the center
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We posted a new YouTube video just minutes ago. In it we demonstrate how to highlight our very popular do it yourself sports baseball player cut out. I use a polystyrene sports
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1. Prepare a related piece of equipment to hold the flowers for your arrangement by cleaning it and covering scratches with paint. For example, fill a football ...
Sports banquet centerpieces can be made by putting softballs and baseballs in tall, clear vases and adding twinkle lights. Deflated basketballs can be opened up ...
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