How do you make swelling go down?


According to, limiting salt intake, using cold compresses, using compression gloves and massaging the swollen area are some treatments that help reduce swelling. The treatment for swelling depends on the cause and severity of the swelling.

For swelling that results from excessive salt intake, recommends reducing the amount of salt consumed every day. For swelling in the face, the best treatment is a cold compress, which involves putting ice cubes in a sealable plastic bag, wrapping the bag with a towel and applying it to the affected area. For knee and foot swelling, massage helps reduce swelling by stimulating blood circulation. Physicians also usually recommend wearing compression gloves, socks or sleeves to promote blood flow in the swollen region to decrease the symptoms. This method maintains pressure in the affected area to prevent the swollen body part from accumulating extra fluid. Another suggested remedy is to keep the swollen hand or leg in an elevated position for around 30 minutes at a time, several times daily. Doing physical activity that moves the muscles in the swollen area also helps, but it is important to do this with guidance from a health care professional. notes that exposure to extreme temperatures worsens swelling. Anyone hoping to alleviate swelling must avoid freezing temperatures, hot showers and hot saunas.

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1. Place ice in a bag, making sure the cap on the ice bag is shut tight or the plastic bag is sealed to keep the ice securely inside. If using a cold compress from the store, follow
put ice on the area and take an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen.
Cold compress treatments (for example: ice packs) are usually applied on acute injuries
Ice when applied more or less right away is good to prevent the swelling from getting bad. Because the cold causes the tissues to shrink so fluid does not build up readily. But after
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How to Make Swelling Go Down
It is important to provide a remedy for swelling as soon as possible following trauma or injury to the area. Swelling can occur from an accident or because of post-operative surgery. Even something as simple as tooth extraction will cause swelling to the... More »
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