Make Yahoo My Default Home Page?


Making Yahoo! your default home page will depend on the browser being used. Some browsers will allow a user to make Yahoo! the default home page simply by getting into the browser tools or options area and pasting the Yahoo! URL in the home page area. Another way to make Yahoo! the default home page is by dragging the Yahoo! page to the browser home icon and setting the home page. Some operating systems also have an area in the control panel that lets a user set their default home page.
Q&A Related to "Make Yahoo My Default Home Page?"
1. Click "Tools" at the top of an open Internet Explorer window. 2. Choose "Internet Options." A new window will open.
Internet Explorer. 1.Click the Tools menu in the browser. 2.Select Internet Options . 3.Click the General tab. 4.In the Home page section, enter. in the text
I have to agree with Anonymous, your page looks outdated. This is long, but I've made some very specific suggestions. Hopefully it is more helpful than just saying "it looks
You just have to go to Yahoo and then you put create an account and then they collect all you're information and then you have your homepage as yahoo
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