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Is isn't hard to change your home page to Yahoo, but the process to make the change depends on which Internet browser you are using. If you are using Firefox you will go to the options menu and enter in the website you would like to use. When you click save you will then see the new site as your home page.
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Making Yahoo your home page is fairly simple. What you want to do is pull up a Yahoo page on your computer and then once you get that up then you will go to the top left of your page
1. Visit the My Yahoo! website. 2. Click the "Yes, Please" button at the top of the page. 3. Enter your city and state or zip code into the "Location" box. Click
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Yahoo! Inc. is an American computer services company with a mission to "be the most essential global Internet service for consumers and businesses". It operates an Internet portal, the Yahoo! Directory and a host of other services… More>>
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Making Yahoo! your default home page will depend on the browser being used. Some browsers will allow a user to make Yahoo! the default home page simply by getting ...
How you change your home page to the Yahoo! sign in page will depend on your web browser. Most have the option to change the home page in the preferences menu. ...
The Yahoo! Mail sign-in page is accessed by visiting the Yahoo! home page. After entering the site, users click on the "Mail" icon in the upper right ...
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