How to Build Your Own Deer Antler Chandelier?


Building Your Own Deer Antler Chandelier is done by Cleaning the inside and outside of the deer antlers using oil soap, Pushing the electrical wires through the base of the antlers and out through the holes in the tips. Placing light bulbs in the light sockets, Attach a chain and anchor to the top of the chandelier.
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1. Clean the inside and outside of the deer antlers using oil soap. Allow the antlers to dry, then spray them with a clear polyurethane finish. Apply several coats, first waiting
There are several online resources for purchasing deer antler chandeliers. These chandeliers come in authentic and fake versions. They can be purchased at Amazon, as well as eBay.
Deer antler chandeliers are becoming more and more popular these days. For many years, these seemingly inhumane decorative pieces have accented log cabins and vacation houses. However
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How to Make an Antler Chandelier
The vast majority of antler chandeliers are made from naturally shed antlers. In fact in many areas antler hunters comb the hills and then sell their wares to those hoping to make deer-friendly antler chandeliers. Make an antler chandelier from whitetail... More »
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