How to Make Bed Risers?


Make your own bed risers using solid wooden blocks. Concrete blocks or bricks can also be used, but will be much heavier on the floor. Bed risers add some much needed space underneath a bed.
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1. Decide how tall you want to rise your bed. Average height for bed risers is around six inches, but you can go higher than that if you choose. Obtain at least three wood boards
Bed risers can be purchased at almost any department retailer such as Walmart and Target. They can also be purchased at almost any online retailer such as Amazon.
See if someone you know could build you some out of wood or something.
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How to Build Bed Risers
Beds take up a lot of space in a bedroom, and if your room is small and you are in need of storage, the space beneath the bed can be almost as valuable as the sleeping area itself. Bed frames are often too low to allow you to make use of the space... More »
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Bed risers can be made with blocks of wood. They may also be made with bricks or concrete blocks, but these will be very heavy on the floors. A bed riser raises ...
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