Make Your Own Henna Paste?


Henna Paste is used to decorate the body without it hurting or being permanent. In order to make henna you will need henna powder, lemon juice, sugar and tree oil. After mixing the henna and lemon juice, add the sugar and oil. Let the mixture rest for a good 24 hours so that the dye is drawn out.
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1. Boil the cup of water and make tea or coffee with it. 2. Let the hot beverage steep for a few hours. 3. Strain the tea or coffee to remove any particles. 4. Sift the henna powder
The tough part is finding the henna itself. After that, you just add water to it to make a paste. I used to use henna for my hair, both for coloring and its nutritional effects for
if you want it to be darker leave it on for as long as it can stay on even over night but if you want it to be light wash it off after 15 minutes.
Gather your Supplies: Fresh Henna Powder, 20 grams or 1/4 Cup, Bottled
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