Make Your Own Name Tags?


You can make your own name tags in a variety of methods. You can use thick construction paper, markers, and safety pins to make easy ones at home. Simply cut out the paper to the proper size, use the markers to write your name on it, and then put the safety pin through the back of the paper. You can also use online sites to make your own name tags and have them printed out. Some of these sites include Name Tag, Avery, Plaque Maker, PCName Tag, and Make Badge.
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1. Open a simple graphic editing program and size a blank image file to 4 inches wide by 3 inches tall, which is the standard size for a name tag. You can make the name tag any size
To make your own game to play on a computer, you will need to either learn programming or use a game creation program. One easy to learn programming language is Python. Game Maker
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1. Get a white piece of paper for the name tag (or use an index card) Ad. 2. Cut it to make it long. Don't make it to long or it might not get the attention you want it to.unless
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How to Make Your Own Name Tags Online
Name tags can benefit a business by adding professionalism and security. Many name tags contain bar codes or ID numbers, identifying each employee that works in the company building. Name tags can be created at any printing or office supply store, but... More »
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