How do you make yourself faint?


To make yourself faint, first get into a frog position, and hold breath for about 10 seconds. After that time, stand up, and stick the thumb in the mouth. Keep holding the breath, and faintness will start to takeover.
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You can make yourself faint by holding your breath for a long amount of time. If you breath in too many chemicals that can cause you to pass out as well.
odd question. Fainting can be caused by a shock, physically or mentally. Or from dehydration or lack of food and energy. A method to actually faint or feel faint by blowing strongly
It is dangerous because the reason you pass out is an increase or
Trying to faint might look fake, or he might think there 'is something wrong with you'. Try just being a little teary. If he notices you with a tear in your eye then that is a good
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I don't think it is very suggested to cause yourself to faint, but if you really want to I guess you could hold your breath until you pass out. ...
There are things that you can do to make yourself faint on purpose. Though you should never do this as it could be detrimental to your health and have long standing ...
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