How do you make yourself faint?


To make yourself faint, first get into a frog position, and hold breath for about 10 seconds. After that time, stand up, and stick the thumb in the mouth. Keep holding the breath, and faintness will start to takeover.
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It would be irresponsible to tell you because it's not good for your health. It could result in the death of brain cells (which don't grow back) You could break a bone or damage ligaments
It is dangerous because the reason you pass out is an increase or
I can't!! I tried the breathing thing and holding breath and I would get dizzy and fall toward the ground but I would be falling and then I'd suddenly jerk awake and steady
Update 3: Meditation isn't what I'm asking about. Update 4: I disagree that escape is for the fearful. Almost everything in my life
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