Making a Clay Pot Man?


A person can make a clay pot man by first laying two pots to the side of each other. Rope should be inserted between the pots. Some scrap wood should be utilized to make the arms and legs.
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1. Lay an 8-inch pot on its side. Lay another next to it with the bases flush with each other. Tie a knot larger than the holes in the pots in the end of a length of rope and thread
1. Wear clothes that you don't mind getting grubby and dirty. You are essentially working with refined dirt, so it's going to be a messy business. Ad. 2. Knead the clay. Start with
Clay is suitable fore making pots and other objects because it is easy to mold and when it starts to dry before you are ready you can just add water. Also if you make it properly
You can create stunning bells with little effort using clay pots. The holes in the bottom of the pots make this craft easy. Just decorate the outside of the pot however you like,
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How to Make a Clay Pot Man
A clay pot man is a nice way to add some character to a garden and reuse old, damaged flower plots. Clay pot men can be constructed fairly simply and positioned in whatever pose you like. You can also add interest by planting plants in some of the pots... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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You can make clay pot lighthouses by using a relatively soft and ductile kind of clay. If you use something that is too hard, it might be difficult for the children ...
A clay pot is called a green ware before it is fired. At this stage pots are soft and malleable which makes them more prone to deformation if poorly handled. From ...
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