Making a Coin Ring?


A coin ring can be made from any suitable size coin. Using a hammer, hold the coin on edge and tap the edge firmly while rotating the coin. Continue working around the edge until about 20% of the diameter has been flattened into a band. Cut away the center of the coin, and polish the outer and inner surfaces with fine grit sand paper to complete the ring.
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1. Cut a strip of leather chamois about 1 inch wide and 12 inches long. Open your pipe wrench to its largest setting and line the inside of it with the chamois. This softened leather
1. Obtain a. silver coin. If you are using a U.S. coin, you need to use one from 1964 or earlier. (More recent coins are not made of silver and will not look as good as a silver coin
Here's a good instructional website;
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How to Make a Coin Ring
Rings have been used for numerous reasons as far back as history can tell us. With a few simple tools found in most toolboxes, you can turn a quarter, or any coin larger than a quarter, into your own beautiful shiny ring. Using the right coin, you can... More »
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