How to Make a Homemade Flashlight?


To make a homemade flashlight, you need to  connect incandescent lightbulb to a battery. Usually, you need to ensure that the battery has sufficient voltage to power the lightbulb. Fix the assembly together by means of duct tape or an adhesive.
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1. Disassemble the original LED flashlight and extract the LED bulb housing. 2. Remove the current LED bulb from its housing, gently pulling on the bulb while maintaining a grip on
1 Gather your supplies. Clear an area to work in and invite the kids to come watch you manipulate electricity with your bare hands. You'll need: An empty toilet paper roll (or lightweight
maglight or flashtorch flassh torch is better in brightness it can burn stuff but its realy expensive and mag light can be runover by a semi and not even scratch the paint (ok mabey
Materials: Aluminum-foil or plastic-wrap tube that's big enough for...
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