Making a Frankenstein Costume?


To make a Frankenstein costume, you will need green paint and a cardboard box. Find a box that fits on your head comfortably. Mark where you want the eye holes to be. Paint the box green, and add a screw on each side of the box.
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1. Purchase a black blazer-type jacket, a dark t-shirt and platform shoes from a thrift store, if you don't happen to have any in your closet. The Frankenstein monster always looked
First thing you would want to do is find the kind of costume you want to create. You can look through images and pictures untill you find one that you like the most. Make sure you
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Trying to make a Frankenstein costume can be difficult, but with enough patience it can be a huge hit. To make a Frankenstein costume, individuals will need a ...
Frankenstein is a costume that is scary and is made for a Halloween party. Get a black blazer-type jacket, a dark t-shirt and platform shoes as well as any dark ...
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