How to Make a Fresh Christmas Wreath?


To make a Fresh Christmas Wreath, Put the garland base on a flat surface. Put a branch of foliage along one part of the wreath and tie in place with florist's wire. Stick pine cones and berry sprigs at distinctive points along the wreath using the hot stick gun. Tie lengths of ribbon into large bows and glue onto the wreath with the hot glue gun amid the berries and pine cones. Put beads at chosen points on the foliage and glue in place with glue gun if extra adornment is desired.
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It can be a lot of fun to make a fresh Christmas wreath! Before you begin be sure to collect your trimmings, along with berries and holly to make your wreath festive! Look here for
1. Find two wire coat hangers and shape each one into a circle. After you do this you will have two circles. 2. Attach the two circles together with floral wire. After they are attached
Cut the length of ribbon desired (One roll of holiday ribbon is usually enough for one bow and tail). Cut two 12" pieces of florist's wire as well.
This Youtube video shows you how to make a braided flower princess crown:…. It looks like they have plaited or braided the stems together
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How to Make Fresh Wreaths
If you are tired of seeing the same standard fresh wreaths on your neighbors' front doors and want something different for your own, make it yourself. By choosing to hand make your own fresh wreath, you are able to make it to match your style. This... More »
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