Making a Model of the Globe Theater?


Making a model of the Globe Theatre requires mimicking the circular shape of the building and the design and shape of the stage itself. You should also consider how you build the theater seating in its round tiers. This can be a fun project with Popsicle sticks or tongue depressants as well as more complex craft supplies.
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1. Cut the piece of cardboard out that you want to use for your base. Take the cardboard from a sturdy box. 2. Fold three pieces of paper into four horizontal sections. Open the paper
I would start by looking up pictures or depictions of the real thing to get idea of the general shape & dimensions. You might start with a very NICE medium cardboard box (see:
popsicle sticks and strong balsa wood work very well, i had to do a project on the globe theatre and that is what i used to make the model, and its very easy to put together with
A globe is a body with the shape of a sphere, especially a representation of the
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To build a glove theater model, you will need some black foam-board. Also some bass wood, balsa wood, and some acrylic paint. This project will take some time ...
The Globe Theater was the London home of most of Shakespeare's fantastic plays. The structure was destroyed in a fire on 1613, but was rebuilt in 1614. The theater ...
In 1613, the Globe Theatre was razed down by fire. The fire was caused by a cannon that was used to mark the king's entrance and which accidentally set a beam ...
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