How to Make a Clay Model of a Tornado?


It is easy to make a clay model of a tornado. Begin by making a wooden base with a hole in the center. The base should be at least as wide as the top of the tornado. Attach a long wooden dowel to the hole. This will serve as the support for your tornado. Build the tornado from clay, being careful to wrap it around the dowel until it is the shape of a tornado.
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How to Build a Model Tornado
Tornadoes are violent and powerful rotating columns of air that form under certain conditions, usually during the spring and summer months. Typically, tornadoes form during thunderstorms, but occasionally they form during hurricanes and tropical storms.... More »
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1. On a piece of waxed paper, mix equal parts black and white clay together to make a gray color. Polymer clay is durable and hardens in a standard oven instead of a kiln. 2. Determine
A tornado is formed either from a supercell thunderstorm that feeds off of a rotating updraft. They can also form near a storm from a rotation that starts on the ground.
You will have an alternative which i have both made and scored well in my science classes. water vortex. materials you will need: two 1L coke/ fizzy drink bottles. dye to stain the
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A great way to teach children about the complex weather systems called tornados is to build a model of one in a bottle. Other than the plastic bottle, you will ...
Clay is the best material to use when making a model tornado. You can mold the clay into the proper shape by using a photo as an visual example. Website with ...
I made a tornado model way back in school using two, clear, three liter soda bottles. You'll need some waterproof tape to attach the two bottles together. Fill ...
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