Making a Tattoo Gun?


In order to make a tattoo gun, one will need several materials, including: mechanical pencil, razor blade, large needle, and electric toothbrush. The first step in making this gun is to take out the eraser from the mechanical pencil. Next, one should punch a hole through the center of the eraser using the large needle.
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1. Remove the eraser from a mechanical pencil and cut it in half. 2. Punch a hole all the way through the center of the eraser with a thin nail or a large needle. 3. Cut a 2 to 3-
1. Find a motor. You'll need an electric motor or similar type rotary motor that runs on at least 12 volts; 18 volts would be ideal. The motor will have a small shaft protruding from
I'd recommend buying your first tattoo gun. There are many cheap guns out there that are fine to practice with and get your technique down. Eventually you will want to invest some
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Making a Tattoo Gun
Pull the eraser from a Bic mechanical pencil (the kind where you push down the eraser to push out the lead). Using a razor blade, cut the eraser in half widthwise. Twist a small, narrow screw with your fingers to drill a hole through the middle of the... More »
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You can make a tattoo gun without a guitar string by using a toy motor. You can also use a mechanical pencil eraser. Nevertheless, you should never attempt to ...
Making a tattoo gun is pretty quick and simple. All you need is a guitar string, Walkman motor, ink pen, pencil eraser, toothbrush, and some tape. You can find ...
To use a tattoo machine gun, hold the machine at a proper angle and grip it around the needle tube. Rest the palm of your arm on the surface of the skin swivel ...
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