Making Candy Leis?


You can make candy leis using different types of candy and ribbon. Wrap each piece of candy or large amounts of candy in cellophane. You can tie the cellophane with ribbon and string the pieces together to form a lei.
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1. Unroll a length of plastic wrap on a table, and measure a piece at least 4 feet long for an adult-sized lei, or about 3 feet long for a child-sized lei. Make sure the plastic wrap
To make a candy lei unroll a length of plastic wrap on a table, and measure a piece at least
When a lei is presented to anyone, it is a sign of respect, love, endearment, honour, etc, etc. It shows to the person being presented, and to everyone else, that the person presented
1 Buy about 60 carnations in 1 or many colors. You can pre-order carnations from a flower shop to ensure you will have enough flowers to create as many leis as you want. Ad 2 Cut
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How to Make Candy Leis
Making candy leis can be done by laying out a long sheet of cellophane, laying out a row of candy, wrapping the row in the cellophane and tying ribbon between each piece of candy. Create an edible lei with a demonstration from a Hawaiian entertainment... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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