Making Crack Cocaine Steps?


To make crack cocaine you will need some alcohol, a bit of cocaine, some baking soda and a lighter. The making crack cocain steps would include mixing 4 parts of cocaine with 1 part of baking soda. Add a bit of water to this mixture so it forms a think ball. Then take some cotton, dip it in alcohol and set it on fire, use this fire to heat the cocaine. When it starts boiling, the process is over.
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Here are the steps you need to take to make crack cocaine.
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1. Mix up a batch of concrete by mixing water and dry concrete mix. Pour the dry concrete mix into a wheelbarrow and add water, while you stir with a garden spade to produce a mixture
Not Legal Advice: Crack is a purified form of cocaine. It's illegal and harmful. Best thing to do is not make it! Ask us anything!24/7
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No, crack cocaine is not a depressant. I have learned in my pharmacology classes that any kind of cocaine is a stimulant. It keeps you awake, raises your blood ...
You shouldn't actually try to make crack cocaine. It is illegal and you could actually burn your house down by making the crack cocaine. ...
To cook Crack Cocaine in the microwave, you have to mix baking soda, water, and cocaine in a glass baking dish. Microwave your mixture for five to ten seconds, ...
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