How do you make dog repellent?


The best easy natural dog repellants are garlic, chili peppers, vinegar, citrus fruits or anything that has a powerful strong smell.  These repel dogs because of their very sensitive sense of smell.  They do not like anything that is strong smelling.  
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1. Sprinkle cayenne pepper around the area you do not want the dog to enter. The cayenne pepper is one of the most effective methods. It will irritate the dog's skin, particularly
There's one company from Australia called "Personal Alarms" that have dog repellant. These dog repellants prevent dogs from attacking or trespassing on your property.
1. I will show you some dog shaped topiaries in this article but you can buy topiary frames in almost any shape you want. If you are artistic, you can buy chicken wire from any Home
1. Buy a baseball cap. The length of the cap's brim should shade as much of the dog's face as possible. 2. Measure the baseball cap on the dog's head and mark the area where the dog's
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How to Make Dog Repellents
Dogs are a joy to have as pets -- but repellents are necessary sometimes to keep bad behavior at bay. Dogs may dig in the yard where they are not supposed to or go to the bathroom in inappropriate places. Puppies, in particular, are known for gnawing on... More »
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