Making Fake Report Cards?


Making a fake report card is relatively easy in this day and age. Eventually, though, it will catch up with you. You can make a fake report card, but the school itself retains a record of your actual grades.
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You should know that a report card is considered an official document and is therefore illegal to forge. Different school districts have variations on what their report cards look
Look at the appearance of a previous report card. Take note of the type of paper, the font, the shading and watermarks on the report card. To create a believable fake document, all
1. Make sure you have a fairly good scanner. A bad one will scan it in at too low a quality. 2. Scan it in at the highest resolution possible. 3. Open the image of your report card
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There is no way to make fake school report cards legally. ...
Making a Fake Report Card is done by Looking at the format of a previous report card, Purchasing the type of paper needed, Opening the spreadsheet creator once ...
One way to make a fake report card is to construct one on the computer and printing it out. Another way would be to find a blank example of a report card and fill ...
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