How can you make hardwood floors shine?


The Do It Yourself Network suggests using tea to put a shine on hardwood floors; the tannic acid within creates a beautiful shine. Steep two teabags in boiling water for several minutes, then while the tea cools, sweep or vacuum the hardwood floor. Place the tea in a bucket, and dip a soft cleaning cloth into the solution. Squeeze out the cloth until it is damp, and wash the floor.

House Guides at SF Gate also recommends mixing equal parts white vinegar and vegetable oil in a spray bottle to clean hardwood floors. Spray the cleaner onto the floor, and then work it into the flooring using a soft cloth mop. Wipe the residue off the floor with a clean mop head or a soft towel.

The vinegar in the mixture removes dirt, and the vegetable oil helps to condition the floor and keep moisture in the wood. Use a circular movement to dry the floor, which buffs the wood and brings out the shine.

Additionally, House Guides recommends mopping hardwood floors each week and sweeping them daily. Daily sweeping helps keep dirt from wearing into the surface of the flooring. Mix the cleaning solution right before each use so the mixture does not separate.

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Making Hardwood Floors Shine
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