Making Leather Bracelets?


A simple leather bracelet can be made using leather cording purchased from a craft store. Braid or twist three strands of cord together to make a bracelet. To get creative, check out some of the jewelry making craft books available at craft stores.
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Making Leather Bracelets
Making leather bracelets is a good way to experiment with using leather for making jewelry. Leather is versatile, forgiving to beginners, and it encourages creativity in style and design. And because it's such a sturdy material, older leather can be made... More »
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If you have old leather belts laying around, they would be perfect for making leather bracelets. Measure your wrist and leave a little room so it wont be so tight. Add some designs
1. Cut a piece of leather lace to a length of approximately 60 inches. This length is approximate because the bracelet will be tied multiple times and then wrapped around the wrist.
There are several options in making a braided leather bracelet. I will include variations of the basic design to give you some ideas, while providing directions for the most professional
When kids learn how to make friendship bracelets, they master a craft that is a really nice way for friends to express affection for each other. There are many different types of
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A person can make leather bracelets by gathering the material and cutting the leather cords. The strands should also be tied together. Some tape will also need ...
In order to make homemade leather bracelets you will need a length of leather or suede and some beads or other trinkets to dress it up. Begin by taking 3 lengths ...
You first need to cut six pieces of the leather of your choice about 5' longer than your wrist length that you want. Divide the leather into three groups of two ...
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