Making Light Switch Covers from Polymer Clay?


To make a light switch cover from polymer clay you will need a flat sheet of clay. Wrap the sheet around an existing light switch cover. Next, you can decorate it with stamps or paint it to match your decor.
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How to Make Light Switch Covers From Polymer Clay
Polymer clay, known by the brand names Sculpey or Fimo, is nontoxic and can be fired in a home oven. A basic polymer clay light switch cover is easy enough to make as a craft project with small children. The more advanced artist can take this project to... More »
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1. Knead the polymer clay for about a minute to soften and condition it. Roll out the clay to about 1/8 inch thick using the pasta machine, acrylic brayer or rolling pin. If you plan
take a block of clay and slice it thin then in the middle cut a rectangle then on the top and bottom make a hole for the screws. then bake.
1 Disconnect electricity from the switches and outlets from the breaker box. Ad 2 Remove the covers . 3 Prepare the papier mâché mix . The mixture should be roughly half
Once a room is decorated to satisfy your sense of style and to reflect your interests, nothing is more jarring than a cheap plastic or utilitarian looking switch plate cover. However
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1. Use paper and pencil to draw the areas you wish to cover with polymer clay. Draw the shape of the switch frame as well as the placement of screws that will ...
There are many types and designs of light switch covers on the market to purchase. You can also buy a plain colored light switch cover and decorate it in any way ...
1. Remove the light switch cover from the wall. Light switch covers, in most cases, are held to the wall with two small flat-head screws. One screw is located ...
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