How to Make Simple Plate Armor?


Making plate armor can be tricky and will depend on the type of metal being used. The most common types of metal for plate armor are steel and iron. An anvil, hammers, and formers will also be needed.
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How to Make Plate Armor
Almost all cultures have had some form of armor. Plate armor, on the other hand, was only used in medieval Europe. Suits made entirely out of steel were worn as a defense against swords, maces and axes, yet were made obsolete around the 16th century with... More »
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1. Measure your body. Steel can not be enlarged, as clothing materials can, once it has been constructed. The width of the armor will therefore need to be made larger than your measurements
To create samurai armor, you will need foam core poster board, string, rope, duct tape, spray paint, green fabric, and old long shirt, and a rectangle of leather about 20"x12"
Unless you already have metal working skills I would stay away from metal working. Also as it is not going to be cheap. If you have a small budget it may be easiest to just buy it
There are a few problems with what you're planning to do: (i) Plate armour tended not to be one thickness all over. It was generally thicker at the points where it was more likely
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Making your own Plate Armor Suit could be too much work. It would mean having to beat a plate of metal and shape it into a shirt or a helmet. This was primarily ...
1. Determine what type of plate armor you want to wear. Generally speaking there are 3 types of plate armor that are designed for different situations. Combat ...
1. Find a pattern for plate armor you want to make. It is easiest to use a pattern fashioned of smaller metal plates rather than a single large breastplate. The ...
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