How to Make Inexpensive Storm Windows Using Plexiglass?


Making plexiglass windows is an inexpensive way to replace windows.To make inexpensive storm windows using plexiglass you need a frame and plexiglass. Measure the window size, apply aluminum rails for the frame
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1. Dust the windows regularly with a dry, soft microfiber cloth. Add a few drops of water to the cloth to rub away mild residue. 2. Pour 2 cups of water into a spray bottle with 1
Window bird feeders are a great way to bring birds right to your home. Making bird feeders is not only a great way to bring nature close to home for viewing, but it's an inexpensive
by getting a new window and puting it back in there.
Plexiglass can't be made by hand. You will have to buy some, and cut it yourself. Thanks
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