Making Plum Wine?


To make plum wine you will need plums, water, sugar, citric acid, and wine yeast. You can also add overripe bananas and golden raisins to help give the wine body. Wash and cut the plums and put them in a bucket with boiling water. Cover the bucket and allow it to sit for about four days.
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How to Make Plum Wine
Plums are in the genus Prunus, along with peaches and cherries, and are further divided into the subgenus Prunus. They are classified into New World and Old World species, but the fruit is generally sweet and juicy. Plums can make extremely good wine,... More »
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Wash and cut up the fruit and put it in a fermentation bucket, pour over boiling water and cover the bucket, leave for four days. Stir twice daily and then strain on the sugar, stir
1. Improve on the properties of these plums for wine making. The wine would be thin with a strong bite if these plums are used by themselves. The addition of golden raisins will give
Badel Slivovitz is one of the best plum wines, it costs about $30 a bottle. Try 1-800-2ChaCha, unlimited!
1 Wash the fruit. Rinse 8 to 10 plums under running water to get any dirt particles off. Ad 2 Peel and core them. Use a serrated vegetable peeler to remove all of the skin. Be sure
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You can make plum wine by moistening a paper towel with shochu. Rub the paper towel around the inside of an airtight container and place plums into a large container ...
To make plum wine, many ingredients will be needed. A few of the ingredients are water, sugar, plums, tannin and acid blend. ...
To make plum wine, add hot water and fruits in a bucket and let it ferment. Add sugar and stir until the sugar dissolves. Put the wine in bottle and leave it to ...
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