Making Potato Vodka?


To make potato vodka, it takes 2.2 potatoes to make 1 liter of vodka. Clean, peel and chop the potatoes and place them into a pressure cooker and cook until potatoes have dissolved into the water. Allow it to cool and strain it to get the potato juice. Place the potatoes into an alcohol distillery and follow the instructions to produce the vodka. Vodka can be flavored after it has been distilled.
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1. To make potato vodka you need the following for 1 liter, double the recipe for 2 liters:2.5lbs of potatoes by weight, peeled and diced finely.1 Pressure cooker.A distillery, if
You will need the following to make homemade potato vodka: 2 pounds potatoes or
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Vodka is an alcoholic beverage from Russia and Poland which is usually made from rye or potatoes if it is from Eastern Europe and molasses from other parts of ...
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