Making Private Calls on a Cell Phone?


You can make a private call to a cell phone or on a cell phone the same way you would from a land line. If you first dial *67, your number will be blocked. This will prevent the person you are calling from seeing the number you are calling from on their caller ID.
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1. Dial *67 into your phone. 2. Dial the phone number of the person with whom you want to have a private call. 3. Press "Send. Your phone number will come up as "Private
you press *67 and then dial the ret of the number you want to dial.
1. Call a friend with a cell phone. They have to have a cell phone. Ad. 2. Tell them to put you on hold and call another friend. 3. Call a friend. It does not matter if they use a
If your number is private, it will not show
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It can be tough to trace private calls on cell phones. These are the calls received from people or businesses who are actively blocking their number for some reason ...
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