How do you make sleeping gas?


Sleeping gas is a substance which is used for anesthesia. It can be made by mixing of the acetone, ice and bleach. But it should not be done at home, as it is very dangerous.
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There are no forms of sleeping gas that can be made without a full chemistry lab. Even if you could and had access to the equipment it is highly illegal in the United States to manufacture
1. Crush 20 sleeping pills into powder 2. Pour the powder into a plastic bag 3. Eat a big
There are many gases that would cause a human being to lose consciousness if. he inhaled one of them . even some after which he would never again regain it. None of those scenarios
1. Cut a square hole in the paper bag, slightly smaller than the size of the CD case. Remove the transparent side of the case, and tape it securely over the hole. This will form the
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