Making Sterile Water?


To make sterile water you will have to maintain a 250 degrees for 20 minutes. This can be done by using a pressure cooker. Be careful when removing the lid from a pressure cooker by following the directions that come with your unit.
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1. Fill a pressure cooker with water. 2. Place the pressure cooker onto a heat source, like a stove top, and heat up the water inside. 3. Observe the temperature of the water inside
By Boiling it for 10 to 15 minutes. Happy Valentines Day to you ! sincerely, Bethany.
1. Clean the bottle. Remove anything in the bottle like dirt and on the bottle like a label. This method works with PET bottles (the clear/uncolored plastic bottles often used for
if you mean water without barely any thing in it all you need to do is make a distiler. boil the water and catch the steam and have it condense and drip into a chosen container.
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How to Make Sterile Water
The term sterile water actually means two different things. Many people equate sterile water as drinking water, and you can make drinking water by merely boiling water in an open pot, using a filtration device to remove harmful bacteria or adding in some... More »
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