Making up after a Fight?


In relationships, couples may experience arguments which end up in a fight since every relationship is different. In order to make up after a fight, both should look beyond the fight and determine the real cause. Ensure good communication in expressing oneself to the other partner. Accept responsibility when wrong and be humble in an apology. Appreciate each other and learn to discuss any problem you may feel will lead to a fight.
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How to make up after a fight
Everyone has fights, or arguements with people. Whether it's family or friends, or your spouse, learning to make up is important. Learn what to do.... More »
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Making up after a fight is the act of coming into agreement after disagreeing on something that made you disagree. To make up after a fight you need to initiate the communication by apologising, after which you determine the issues that made the two of you disagree then forget about them and make peace.
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If you were wrong apologize. If the other person was wrong try and point out the wrong behavior and come to an agreement. Stop fighting!
Give yourself and the other person time to cool down. Trying to apologize while you're still angry isn't going to help, and may lead to a continuation of the fight, making the situation
1 Look beneath the argument. There's a saying: "You're never fighting for the reason you think." It may look like you're fighting about money, sex, or something else, but
it all depends on why and with who.if it's a friend or family member you make up because you love them.but if it's a bully it is to show that you are the bigger person.
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