Making Your Own Beading Loom?


Making your own beading loom is a fun project that goes right along with making your own beaded jewelery. The beading loom can be made from a section of one by six board about four feet in length, wood glue, wood screws, a screwdriver, toothpicks, and duct tape. The loom project begins by cutting the one by six into three pieces. Two pieces will be six inches in length and one piece will include the remaining length of the board.
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1. Determine the length of your bead loom based on the beading project you are making. The length of the loom will be equal to your beaded strip. 2. Measure and cut a section of the
1. Set up your area. Good work always starts with having a good workspace. Clean up an area to work on. Clear away any objects or anything you do not wish to be damaged. Clamp the
It's been at least 15 years since I have even seen it, but I had my husband make me a rectangular wooden box roughly 6 or 7 inches wide, 15 or so inches long The ends are roughly
Choose your two secondary colors. They can be similar to each other and located near each other on a color wheel or they can be complementary and located on opposite sides of a color
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How to Make Your Own Wood Bead Loom
Wood bead looms help you create flat strips of woven beads for belts, headbands and other decorative or personal clothing items. Commercially available bead looms can be pricey, but you can build your own with a little ingenuity and a few supplies from a... More »
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To build a bead loom, you will need to gather your materials together. Decide how big you want your bead loom and what shape you want it in. Cut your wood and ...
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