How to Make a Girl Happy?


Making your son a girl would only be fine if just through costume and just for fun purposes. However, make sure that the child understands the purpose why he is dressed like a girl because this might be critical to the identity development of the child. Otherwise, never attempt to make your son look like a girl.
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Girls love a jokester, but they love genuine humor. A big turn off to a girl is to try too hard to impress her or make her laugh. Genuine light heartedness is the way to go and don't
1. A flexible tape measure ensures you make a headband that fits. Measure the circumference of your head by wrapping the tape measure around the forehead and the back of the head,
If you buy a black wig for him paint his face white with face paint then maybe give him high heal or pumps to wear on his feet you could buy a long white or red robe or a long dress
1. Purchase a pair of cat ears, and a tail if you so desire, from a costume store. Cat girls in anime and manga have a variety of fur colors, so do not limit yourself to black ears
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When he is ready to tell you that he is gay he will. Some guys are more girly than others but that does not mean they are gay. You can't look at someone and say ...
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