Male Mosquito?


What many people do not realize is that only the female mosquito feeds on blood to develop her eggs. Male mosquitoes eat nectar, or decaying matter. The male mosquito only lives 10 to 20 days.
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a male mosquito after research like usual, i have piled up the answers and i can therefore refer to a male mosquito as a male anopheles mosquito they do not have direct names.
Male mosquitoes have an average life span of 10 days. Female mosquitoes can live for up to 100 days. Male mosquitoes have small mouth parts for drinking. Female mosquitoes have a
In the female mosquito, the piercing part (called the fascicle) is formed by the labium, hypopharynx, a pair of mandibles and of maxillae. The latter two are what pierce the skin
Mosquito is a common insect in the family Culicidae and the male mosquito is very small!
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The male mosquitoes don't depend on human blood for survival rather they feed on nectar and plant juices. The male mosquitoes are not responsible for spread of ...
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