How to Tell a Male from a Female Painted Turtle?


The trick to figuring out if a turtle is male or female is through the underside. Their tales typically will be different. Also a female will have a hole closer to the shell. While a males hole will be back further toward the tail.
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1. Examine the turtle's tail. If you can, pull it out a bit for a better look. The males will have a longer and thicker tail, while females have shorter and thinner tails. 2. Turn
Dickwad a pinis.
Young Painted Turtles mainly dine on fish, crickets and worms. As the Painted Turtle matures, it prefers plants, fish, crustaceans and aquatic insects.
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If your painted turtle has long nails and tail it is a male. Female painted turtles are larger than the males. Painted turtles like to stay warm, so their take ...
Painted Turtles have a shell that is an olive-brown color and can be 12-17 centimeters in length. The males have longer claws than the females. A female Painted ...
Painted turtles or Chrysemys pictaare are a type of turtle that is endemic in North America. These turtles live in fresh water habitats, for instance creeks, marshes ...
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