Male Yorkie Names?


There are many great male names for Yorkie puppies. Some cute names for this breed of dog include Adonis, Buster, Apollo, Bam-Bam, Banjo, Bandit, Basil, Calvin, Bones, Bubba, Chubby, Cash, Chipmunk, Dash, Chewy, Digger, Elmo, Flash, Fletch, Frazier, Fuzzie, Gizmo, Gideon, Gordo, Hansel, Harvey, Indiana, Jake, Jasper, Linus, Kermit, Link, Lucky, Max, Orion, Paddy, Pebbles, and Raider. Yorkies are a small breed of dog with good temperaments and they are also good around children and other pets.
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Some common, popular names for male dogs include Barney, Arthur, Lucifer,
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Male Yorkies can often be more affectionate that females of the breed. According to the Official Yorkie Guide website, females do enjoy attention from the owner although they tend
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The name of your male Yorkie is the name you gave the dog. Cute Yorkie names include Monster and Killer. ...
Yorkie names these are names given in order to this breed of dog to identify it easily. The scientific name for a yorkie is known as Canis lupus familiaris. The ...
A good name for a Yorkie should be short and cute to match the dog. Some examples of good names for these dogs include; Abby, Sassy, Bailey or Mickey. Yorkie refers ...
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