Males Kept in Chastity?


Currently, over a million male chastity devices that have been sold. Primarily these are used as a sex toy for couples who like to have the female play a dominant role. When a man wears one of these devices he can't have any kind of sexual release until the dominating female gives him the OK.
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There are two basic types of male chastity devices. Short-term devices are often
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Male chastity rings are devices that lock around the penis so that the man wearing it cannot masturbate or have sexual relations. There are many different designs ...
A male chastity belt is a device that is made to fit over the area of the penis and contains a lock which prevents the male from any type of penile stimulation ...
There are many male chastity devices. It would be hard to say that one is the most effective. They are often used for sexual activities such as bondage. ...
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