Man Tell If He Is Sterile?


In order to tell if a man is sterile, you'll need to consider how many sexual encounters he's had without protection. If he's had several and yet to get a woman pregnant, he may be sterile. Another way to tell if a man is sterile is to tell him to visit a doctor, they can do a test to determine this.
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Answer The only way to tell is to examine them under a microscope and see if the little guys are swimming around. the best way to do that is visit a fertility doctor.
There are no symptoms in male sterility so the only way to know is to be
The normal amount of sperm per ejaculate is 350 to 500 million. The number will vary according to the source you are looking at. If the count is below 20 million, again some sources
1. Establish an atmosphere of trust. In order to get a man to honestly tell you how he feels, you need to have a track record of listening to him in a nonjudgmental manner. You also
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