Manipulative Movement Skills?


Manipulative movement skills can be defined as having control over the movement of your hands in relation to other objects. Manipulative movement skills are fundamental. Preschools and kindergartens often implement manipulative movement skills in the classroom setting.
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The answer is ' CONTROL. ' because you need to handle an object with the appropriate control and speed of movement required by a task.
1. Teach students individually, rather than in a group, since students develop skills and progress at their own rates. Provide instruction in a gym or physical fitness center, where
( mə¦nip·yə·ləd·iv ′skil ) (industrial engineering) The ability of a worker to handle an object with the appropriate control and speed
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Manipulative skills are the abilities of a worker to handle a task or a situation with the appropriate control and speed. The task in place is normally under the ...
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