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Alba Longa is an ancient city (Latium) in central Italy. It is southeast of Rome in the Alban Hills. It was destroyed by Rome in the 7th Century BC. According to Legend, Romulus and Remus came from the royal dynasty of Alba Longa Island.
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Alba longa is slightly farther north than rome. it too is on the tiber river. Alba longa is said to the birthplace of romes founder Romulus and his brother Remus. It is not sure where
(ăl'bə lông'gə, lōng'-) A city of ancient Latium in central Italy southeast of Rome. It was founded before 1100 B.C. and according to legend was the birthplace
The Latin kings of Alba Longa, also referred to as the Latin kings of Rome or
That was the son of Aeneas (hero of the Aeneid, Ascanius, accd to Livy.
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Horatii, according to Livy, were male triplets from Rome. During a war between Rome and Alba Longa, it was agreed that the settlement of the war would depend on ...
The roman race was founded by the brothers Romulus and Remus. They were the sons of Rhea Silvia and their father was ruler of Alba Longa kingdom. The both founded ...
Ascanius was a name to a son of a hero by the name Aeneas who was considered a Roman legend and legendary king of Alba Longa. Ascanius was also known as lulus ...
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