What is a good score on MAP testing?


By way of example, high MAP scores in a specific location, during a specific year and for a particular grade, are in the 66th or above percentile. Average scores are in the 33rd to 66th percentile range. Low scores clock in at the 33rd or below percentile.

A good score on MAP testing depends on three criteria. A specific chart is developed to determine the rating of a score on MAP testing based on the location where the test was administered and the grade level of the student that took the examination. In addition, the year the test is administered also plays some role in determining the strength of a MAP score.

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i think 260 or above is a good answer .
200-225 = low, 225-240 = average, 240-255 high average, and 255+ high. Is
Well you're well spoken- I'm sure that's good.
What I have done recently that I think has been good was to keep a mental list of what my kids need to work on. For example, my class is low in Vocabulary & Word Structure. I
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