How do i assemble my marcy em/1 home gym ? i need instructions please!?


The Marcy home gym line of equipment, including the EM 1 model, was founded by Walter Marcyan. He started the concept of multi-station gyms at home in 1959. They line is now carried by Impex Fitness.
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Apparently, this comes up more than you'd think. I'm posting the link to a manual on PDF. If that doesn't work, I'm giving you the link to 2 discussions and how to get the manual.
Marcy Home Gym is available from many online retailers. Five examples are eBay, powerhouse, sweatband, Gymworld and Amazon. It is also possible and potentially cheaper to purchase
1. Remove all of the G1S home gym’s attachments. These include the lat bar, the straight bar, the ankle straps, the ab straps, the tricep straps and the towel holder. 2. Make
MARCY PLATINUM HOME GYM MP 2105*2" x 2 3/4" heavy
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