Maria Agnesi?


Maria Agnesi was born on May 19, 1718 in Milan, Italy and passed away on January 19, 1799. She is a philosopher and mathematician. She has written the first book that discussed integral and differential calculus.
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Maria Agnesi was born on a little ranch in Italy.......they (her parents) wanted a natural child
Maria Agnesi was born in Milan on May 16, 1718. She was the oldest of . It makes
Agnesi is credited with writing the first book discussing both differential and integral calculus. She was an honorary member of the faculty at the University of Bologna. Source(s
May 16th 1718.
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Maria Agnesi was a famous 18th Century Italian mathematician. One of the most famous quotes by Maria Agnesi is about the amount of eyebrows in the world vs people ...
It is more than likely that Maria Agnesi died of natural causes at the age of 80 years old. Unfortunately, her official cause of death was never released to the ...
Maria Agnesi was an Italian mathematician who lived during the 18th century. She is most famous for writing a book on integral calculus and solving differentials ...
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