Who is Elaine Nicpon Marieb?


Elaine Nicpon Marieb is a world-famous author of human anatomy and physiology textbooks. She has written over a dozen books on her own and with other authors that are used by colleges and universities around the world.

The beginning of her career saw Marieb teaching anatomy and physiology at Springfield College of Massachusetts to Phys. Ed. majors. After receiving her PhD in zoology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Marieb joined the faculty of the Biological Science Division of Holyoke Community College in 1969.

Many of Marieb's students were studying nursing, and she developed a strong interest in the relationship between the scientific study of the human body and nursing. When she realized that most of the textbooks available at the time were extremely difficult to understand, she decided to start writing her own.

Her books include:

  • "Human Anatomy & Physiology"
  • "Human Anatomy"
  • "Brief Atlas of the Human Body"

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