Marilyn Monroe's Drug Addiction?


Many wonder what drug Marilyn Monroe was addicted to. The drug was Marilyn Monroe addicted to included alcohol, which is a drug, and various pain pills. She was addicted to prescription drugs to fight depression.
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Was it diazapam.
Her death was ruled as an overdose from the sleeping pill Nembutal. Several conspiracy theories have surfaced in the decades after her death, some involving President John F. Kennedy
The official cause of Marilyn Monroe's death was an accidental overdose of chloral hydrate & Nembutal. She died August 5, 1962 at age 36.
The idea that Marilyn Monroe committed suicide could be seen as an
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Was it diazapam. ...
She died of an overdose of benadir a highly strong liquid becareful they sell it in stores. ...
Among the notable things done by Marilyn Monroe are acting and modelling. The American national is known to have died in California of a drug overdose. Her birth ...
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