Marine Fossils?


Marine fossils are being discovered by paleontologists daily. Some scientists have even believe a portion of what was once thought to be marine fossils, actually are from early land life. Fossils have been found in both the Atlantic and Pacific regions, but also in less densely populated regions like Antarctica. Most marine fossils that have been discovered seem to date back to the Cambrian period which began about 542 million years ago and ended 485 million years ago.
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alright, think about what were most modern desets in prehistoric times, they were all majors bodies of water. So it stands to reason that if there was a mojor body of water there
Deposited marine fossils, entombed as they are in regionally extensive
Plate tectonics.
Hi Will, For most of this Earth's existence it's surface has been covered, mostly, by marine seas. Usually 70% and sometimes more. Most of the current land surfaces were underwater
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